Get started with our NEW Level 1 ONLINE course. Complete all 3 Levels and become a Holistic Pulsing Practitioner.


Take your life and healing into your own hands.


Explore the art of two-way healing in our small group workshops.

Holistic Pulsing incorporates the feminine principles of softness, gentleness and nurturing.  It works with the elements of rhythm and water.


• Expand your healing modalities.

• Reverses therapist’s burnout.

• Learn from certified experts.


Level 1  ONLINE is a new addition to Holistic Pulsing Training.  Learn all the techniques you will need to start practising on family, friends or existing clients.

There are 5 modules of theory and practice. Each module is presented weekly allowing you time to process and absorb it during the week.

Each week follows the same schedule.

Dedicated Facebook group for support, ask questions and discussion with other group participants. The theory module is posted on the dedicated FB group page each week and includes the practice homework.

*There are weekly live messenger calls approx 1 hour with a short meditation and grounding to start each group discussion.  *Video demonstrations that you can use as an ongoing resource to learn  *one on one video calls for feedback and tuition.



The Level 1 Foundation Workshop (16 hours) is a beautiful, nurturing weekend.  It is open to anyone wanting to experience this safe, gentle body-mind therapy.

Learn a new skill that will take you deeper into your self-discovery and will leave you feeling incredibly relaxed and peaceful.

Done fully clothed, the special types of rocking induce deep relaxation and help to release trauma from the body.

You will learn:

• All the techniques needed to start using Holistic pulsing
• How to work with different rhythms in the body
• To become aware of blockages in the physical and emotional body
• To understand the “Body-mind’ and to recognise “splits”


The pre-requisite for Level 2 is attendance at Level 1.

COMPONENT 1. 2-Day Weekend Workshop (16 hours)

In Level 2, you will learn new pulses and fine-tune your technique.  At the end of this level, you will feel more confident, be proficient in most of the pulses needed to conduct a session with others and have a deeper understanding of the individual process that is possible beyond the technique.

COMPONENT 2. 7 One-On-One Sessions/Tutorials (3 hours each)

The personal sessions/tutorials are 3 hours long.  During the first half, you will receive a pulsing treatment from the instructor.  It’s important to do your own work before you can heal other people.  You’ll begin to enter your own fascinating journey of self-discovery. Then you’ll do a 1.5-hour pulsing session on the teacher. You will receive feedback and start to learn more about the processes behind the technique.


Holistic Pulsing Level 3 Practitioner Training is available to those who have completed Level 2. The aim of this series of workshops is to support students in developing their confidence and skills with the aim of becoming a Certified Holistic Pulsing Practitioner. Each weekend workshop will expand on our previous work. We will cover advanced pulsing techniques, Voice Dialogue and how to read the body-mind.

There are 6-weekend workshops spread out over one year.  You will also complete 3 one-on-one sessions and 6 supervised sessions between the workshops.


  • 4 weekend workshops, 16 hours each (total of 64 hrs).
  • 3 one-on-one sessions/tutorials, 3 hrs each (total of 9 hours).
  • 6 supervised sessions/tutorials, 3 hrs each (total of 18 hrs).   These are done with the teacher and two students.  Each student performs pulsing on the other student and both receive feedback from the teacher.
  • 1  counselling skills weekend workshop (16 hrs)
  • 12 practice sessions, 1 hr each (total of 12 hrs). You will begin to do your own practice sessions with other people and keep a record of what happened in the session.
  • 1 final assessment session (1.5 hrs)

I’m a Certified Holistic Pulsing Practitioner and Teacher with over 20 years of experience. I offer training at all levels through Holistic Pulsing Australia