Treat yourself to six weeks of self-care in our supportive online community.

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.


Taking care of your spirit rejuvenates you and empowers you to create the life you desire.


• Connect with like-minded people

• Create a practice of self-nurturing

• Share in a private Facebook group


Each week we’ll focus on one topic:

1 - What is Self Love?

We will discuss the group guidelines, share a bit about ourselves and explore what self-love really means to each of us.

2 - Discover Your Core Beliefs

By understanding where our core beliefs originate, we can begin to understand the choices that we make or those that are holding us back.  Our behavior is based on our beliefs.  But where do these come from and how can we change them?

3 - Explore Your Inner Critic

The Inner Critic is the internal voice that criticises us and speaks to us in a disparaging way. We’ll discuss how to respond to these voices in a positive way and take control over this part of your life.

4 - Creating Boundaries

A boundary is the space between you and another person; a clear place where you begin and the other person ends. There are many types of boundaries, from physical to emotional. We will learn how to set and sustain boundaries.

5 - Looking After Your Body

Our perception of our body begins with beliefs formed early in our lives.  As we start to change our beliefs, we can begin to make changes to our lifestyle.

6 - Plans for the Future

Setting goals and achieving them gets things done, but also builds self-esteem, happiness and a sense of well-being. We’ve all been told that we should set goals, but most of us have never been taught how to set goals effectively.


• Each week we’ll meet in a live video chat for one hour.

• I will facilitate a discussion of each week’s topic.

• You’ll get 6 sets of reflection questions and hands-on exercises.


• Small group intimacy

• Live conversations for a human element.

• Hands on activities to keep you engaged.

• Holistic practices and experiential learning.


I have over 30 years’ experience facilitating empowerment groups.

I’ll be here to answer any questions and help you work through challenges that come up along the way.